Black SRAM AXS Battery Charger

SRAM AXS Battery Charger

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There has never been a better time for biking technology. New and fascinating innovations are leading the market right now and making cycling better than ever. One of these innovations is battery tech. These modern batteries have a variety of different uses for today’s cyclists. One such use is riding-assistance, where a battery can help you get places with less effort. SRAM is currently the industry leader when it comes to battery technology.

But these batteries do have their limits. And it means that they will eventually need to be recharged. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem at all thanks to the SRAM battery charger. This simple piece of equipment is compact enough to be placed anywhere yet powerful enough to recharge all of your SRAM electronics easily and efficiently. In fact, this battery charger can top up your batteries in about an hour. Meaning that after 60 minutes, you’ll be ready to jump back on your bike and get going.

A plug-and-play mentality is at the centre of all of SRAM’s designs. What this means is that any compatible battery can easily be plugged straight in. No fiddling with annoying settings or options or wires. Instead, plug in, wait an hour, and when you return, your batteries are recharged and you’re ready to ride.

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