The hub of your bicycle is a key component in keeping it moving smoothly, and this central part of the front and rear wheels that holds the axle in place sometimes needs to be replaced or upgraded if it is not allowing the wheel to spin freely anymore.

      At Bike Addict we have hubs for all types of bicycles and we cater to the avid mountain biker who loves tough terrain, and the rider who prefers the smooth surface of the road. All our hubs are from leading brands like DT Swiss, Shimano, Hope and Rockshox, and we stock both front and rear wheel hubs for all sized bicycles. We also stock conversion kits for anyone wanting to upgrade their current hub without replacing it entirely.

      When buying a new hub or upgrading your current one, it is important to note that there are specific front and rear hubs and they are not interchangeable. The front hub is a far simpler design, as it just needs to let the wheel spin, while the back wheel hub is far more complex as it forms part of the transmission. The back wheel hubs are attached to the wheel by the sprocket or cassette and can be harder to fit too, so if you need assistance, our in-house maintenance department can set you on the right track.

      Replacing your hub can give your bicycle’s performance a boost and can make your bike even lighter and easier to handle. Often a new hub is all that is needed to get you back in the saddle and pedalling with ease, and Bike Addict’s wide range of affordable, high quality options caters to men and women looking for the smoothest ride.

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