Lifestyle bikes are the ones we use for more leisurely pursuits. They’re the perfect choice for recreational riders and sport stable, relaxed positions, and softer saddles. They’re an excellent choice for shorter commutes and rides around the city or in the more rural countryside.

      We have a fantastic selection of lifestyle bikes at Bike Addict.  Avalanche offers the Women’s Cruiser Bike which is ideal for ladies who enjoy leisure cycling, providing a very comfortable ride, and the Cruz 88 is the unisex option. Avalanche is a South African bicycle brand that has been going strong since 1992, with products featuring dynamic energy, cool good looks, and a geometry that fits right.

      Schwinn was founded in Chicago, in the United States, in 1895 and has been going strong ever since. These reasonably-priced bikes are ideal for beginners and casual riders, made with quality materials that last forever. In terms of our lifestyle bikes by Schwinn, we are proud to provide the S1 Ladies, Men’s, and Town and Country Cruisers, as well as the Tango Tandem.

      The Legion L100, L500, and L40 by Mongoose are a great choice when it comes to trick riding for tackling half pipes and have very competitive pricing.  The Titan Cruiser California sports Shimano 7 Speed gears as well as plus-sized tyres to help you navigate gravel terrains for a great ride. The Cruiser California’s disk brakes make sure you’ve got the stopping power you need, and the adjustable saddle height means you can tweak your ride to perfection. If you’re fond of the retro styles of the 1950s and 1960s, this is probably just your thing!

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