Tyres and Tubes

Tyres and Tubes


      Buying the right type of bicycle tyres is probably one of the most important decisions any cyclist has to make. The tyres you choose can greatly influence your performance, and need to suit your style of riding, the terrain you are cycling on, and the conditions you’ll be facing. Certain types of bicycle tyres suit certain types of riders, and at Bike Addict we’ve got something to meet everyone’s needs and preferences, whether a MTB fundi, an Enduro aficionado or simply someone who enjoys a casual road ride over the weekend.

      We feature a selection of tyres for all size frames, starting at 20” and going up to 29er’s. We also ensure that we cater to all different widths, from 23c up to 28c. Then, we have a choice of tubed or tubeless bicycle tyres and those that are fast rolling, ready folding and hard shell, amongst other options. Whether you love speed, prefer good grip, or want to maximise your bicycle’s performance, there is tyre that has been designed to with you in mind; and you’ll find it here.

      When it comes to tread, we have everything from the ultra-grippy Maxis Rambler to the Michelin Wild Grip and the Vittoria Saguaro Cape Cobra, all of which are ideal for the rough and ready terrain of MTB trails. Cyclists looking for smooth road and racing bike tyres are also spoilt for choice with Maxis Re-Fuse foldable road tyres, Chaoyang Viper 700, and Giant Gavia Race being just a few of the many available options.

      To make finding the right bicycle tyres easier you can shop our store by brand, size or width, and if you need assistance fitting you tyres you can pop in to our store and our maintenance team can assist. Good tyres make all the difference to your ride, and Bike Addict has what you need for a smooth and satisfying day in the saddle.

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