Protective Gear

Protective Gear


      When it comes to cycling, protective gear is often something that is overlooked. But it shouldn’t be, as it can save you from a nasty injury, especially when you come off at speed, or on rough terrain. At Bike Addict you’ll find a wide range of protective gear that is designed to suit all road, enduro, and mountain bike riders. Whether you ride casually or are more of a pro, we’ve got you covered.

      We stock a range of knee guards and pads that include features like silicon toppers, and are made from light, durable moisture wicking, anti-bacterial fabrics. This protective gear is essential for anyone who wants to look after their knees and ensure that they minimize impact in the case of a fall. Plus, we also stock full knee and shin guards that offer added protection, and are lightweight and aerodynamic too.

      Shoulder guards and pads are also part of our range of protective gear, and you’ll find a variety of options available. All shoulder guards and pads are designed to minimize impact and there are soft and hard shell options, as well as those that cover more or less of your arm as required.

      For serious riders who are worried about their neck, we stock neck braces that have been tested by some of the world’s fastest downhill racers. Lightweight yet strong, our neck braces are adjustable, and easy to put on and take off. They offer great support and are a worthwhile investment.   

      Bike Addict caters to men, women and children, and we have high quality protective gear in different sizes to ensure everyone can put safety first. Check our competitive range of products from brand leaders like Fox, Leatt and SCOTT and invest in the kit that will increase your safety factor when in the saddle.

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