There are many factors that contribute to the costs of being a cyclist. It’s not just parts and labour that you need to consider, either, but the price of research and design, materials, manufacturing, quality control, and customisation as well.

      On top of this, expensive is a relative term. What may be a huge amount of money for a student may not be the same if you are a professional. But whatever you do with the majority of your time, Bike Addict likes to ensure that you’re on your bicycle for the rest of it. And so, we’ve put together a dedicated Sale section for our site to help you keep your expenses to a minimum.

      Whether you want the best quality mountain bike, a new bicycle for your children, or an e-bike featuring the most modern technology, you’ll find it at Bike Addict. We also have a huge range of different apparel, different components, nutrition, training devices and accessories, and much more and we cater for cyclists of all ages.

      We try to keep our customers’ costs to a minimum, so you’ll find a range of different items featured in our Sale section, which is always being updated. Whether you want to stock up on maintenance products before you head out on your next adventure or want to improve your overall performance with high-quality upgrades, we’re here to help.

      Bike Addict is proud of its competitive pricing and the fact that you can view our products from wherever you are because it’s online. We are cycling enthusiasts’ best friend and we’ll make sure you always get the best deal available.

      Keep your eye on our Sales page and remember that we offer free shipping on accessories over R1 500 and bicycles over R4 000*. We also ship throughout Southern Africa.

      45 products

      45 products