Cycling Apparel

Cycling Apparel


      Clothing plays a massive role in how comfortable you are during your ride. Street clothes are fine if you are not going very far or very fast, and the weather’s good. But when it comes to longer rides and ones in temperature that are less than ideal, your cycling clothing will make all the difference.

      There is a huge range of specialist cycling clothing at Bike Addict. We stock hundreds of items from brands like ASSOS of Switzerland, Ciovita, Leatt, Louis Garneau, Pearl Izumi, and Scott. We provide a range of different clothing items for men and ladies, all at competitive prices. This list includes everything from cycling socks, helmets, long-sleeved hoodies, and shorts to jackets, gloves, t-shirts, and arm and leg warmers. We even have great value, high-quality Bike Addict products available.

      Quality cycling clothing has been cut to fit properly when you lean forward over your handlebars. The longer backs on jackets and shirts and the higher waist at the back of legwear ensure that your lower back stays covered. On long-sleeved shirts and jackets, the sleeves are slightly longer to ensure your wrists do not get exposed. And legwear gets shaped at the knee and waist, so pedalling is not impeded.

      Your cycling clothing will move with you as you ride, a very important feature, especially when it comes to legwear. Because your legs move so much when you are cycling, you need clothing made of material with enough stretch, so you don’t have to deal with bunching and chafing. And the fabric will handle your sweat properly too, ensuring that your perspiration moves away from your skin and evaporates. Our cycling clothing also offers UV protection for riders with 50+ UPF ratings and also enhances visibility in low light conditions.

      Browse our collection and feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or queries. We deliver all over Southern Africa.

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