When it comes to Original Equipment Manufacturer items, the OEM label tells you that you’re getting parts that come straight from the establishment that created your ride. Generally, OEM parts are the ones that were already on your machine when you bought it new, although occasionally you can also purchase upgraded parts made by your bicycle manufacturer and these are seen as OEM too.

      Usually, OEM parts get built in-house, and in the very same factory that your bicycle comes from. But this is not always the case, because certain makers subcontract other major players to construct parts for their bikes that were initially available as original equipment. But, even if they get built by someone else, if they come to you on your bike from the factory, they will be considered as original equipment.

      As a leading bicycle store, we have a huge selection of OEM parts in stock for your machine. Whether it’s a shifter, tube, derailleur, seatpost, or chainring, you’ll find it here. And we’ve got brands like Scott, Shimano, SRAM, Syncros and even our own parts for you to choose from.

      The BikeAddict team deals with a lot of parts and, because one of our specialities is making them easy for our riders to find, you’ll have no trouble locating the exact thing you’re looking for right here!

      In terms of direct replacements for what you originally had on your bike; OEM parts will work best. They usually boast a flawless fit and finish, are extremely reliable, and you won’t need to hassle with custom fitting or tuning. When you fail to notice that an OEM has actually been replaced, the job’s been done perfectly!

      BikeAddict delivers across South African and our neighbouring countries and will throw this service in for free if you spend over R5 000 on a cycle or more than R1 750 on accessories*.

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