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Now you can finance Bikes, Accessories, Indoor Trainers, Components, and more with Bike Addict from R10,000.00 and up. We’ve partnered with Yonda Bike Finance, Renewed Gear Bicycle Finance, Bicycle Finance SA, and Rola Bicycle Finance to make this possible.

Financing gives cyclists the advantage of being able to spread the cost of their purchase across a series of more affordable payments. This is a good option if spending a lump-sum at one time is not possible.

Choose the Finance Partner that best suits your needs:

Read more about each of our Partner's Application cycle finance processes, and minimum requirements below:

Bike Addict Is Here to Help

All MTB finance processes are really easy, and we will help you every step of the way to make sure you get the best deal and get it completed as soon as possible. We understand how important this kind of investment in your ride is and will make getting you into your new seat our number one priority.

PLEASE NOTE: PayJustNow is only available for financing Components, Apparel and Accessories (Excludes bikes).

MTB finance from 6 - 48 months is available through our partners.

For more information on how to get cycle finance immediately, contact us at or call us on 022 482 2974.