Bike Fit

Bike Addict's New Bike Fitment expert, Sanja Steyn is a qualified Biokineticist and UCI Cycling Coach with several years of experience. She is also a Specialized RETÜL Bike Fit specialist.

The Bike Fit / Set up comprises of 2 parts; a Body fit and then a Bike fit.

1. The Body fit entails:

  • A functional evaluation assessing the rider's posture, muscle alignment and flexibility.
  • Details about current riding style as well as injury history.

2. The Bike fit involves:

  • A movement + biomechanical analysis of riding position on the bike
  • Cleat adjustment and alignment,
  • Pedal stroke efficiency.

Thereafter the necessary adjustments on the bike will be made to ensure optimal riding position and comfort.

To Book a Bike Fit setup please contact Sanja on Whatsapp / Whatsapp call on: 079 5444 326.