Keeping your bicycle brakes in good working order is essential, even if you are a casual rider who only takes to the road a few times a week. It’s even more crucial for MTB brakes to be working properly, and for those who are competing on track or off road to know that they can stop when they need to, and that their bike brakes won’t let them down. That’s why Bike Addict has got your cycling brakes’ need covered. We’ve got brakes to fit every style of bike and every environment.

      Our range of cycling brakes includes products from Hope, Shimano, SRAM and Formula, and whether you just need new pads or a disc rotator or calliper, or a full MTB brakes set, you’ll find it here.

      Our range of brake pads includes resin and standard options and we’ve got disc brakes that provide quick release too. Our bike brake sets are all ergonomically designed and cyclists can select the option that will work best for them, and the environment in which they ride. We also stock bicycle brake components so you can replace parts if they have become subject to too much wear and tear, or you simply want an upgrade.

      All our cycling brakes are competitively priced and we pride ourselves on offer a wide variety of options for all kinds of riders. Check out our selection and ensure that when you need to stop in a hurry, you can.

      Orders over R1500 are shipped free, but terms and conditions do apply, and if you need any assistance with service or deciding on the right product, feel free to get in touch. Our team of experts is always keen to help. We can also fit your brakes in our in-house maintenance department, so chat to us and we’ll put you on the right track.

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