While you may not think of them as essential, having a good pair of gloves is an important part of a satisfactory cycling experience and offers many more advantages than you may think. This is the reason Bike Addict has such a varied range of Clutch, Lite, Long Finger, Gel, MTB, Short Finger, and Thermal gloves, for men and women alike, at highly competitive prices. Whether you prefer working your way through rougher mountain trails or like to go for long rides through the city, we’ve got you covered.

      Short finger cycling gloves are not just there to protect your palms if you fall off your bicycle, they also play a huge role in cushioning your hands against the effects of vibrations from riding, something you’ll be grateful for if you follow off-road trails on the regular.

      Cycling can be surprisingly hard on your hands, and the short finger gloves Bike Addict has available provide much-needed extra padding to take the pressure off your palms and help prevent blisters and calluses developing from long trips.

      Then there are the enormous benefits high-quality gloves offer in terms of control and grip. No matter what weather you’re out in, your hands are going to end up sweating, and this can cause dangerous slips on the handlebars, off the gears, and even when braking. To prevent this, the very same moisture wicking fabric used in your cycling clothing soaking up your sweat and keeping your body dry is used in your gloves to keep you in control when you’re cycling. Gloves also trap perspiration, stopping it from dripping onto your shifters and saving them from the deterioration this would cause over time.

      In short, when you protect your hands you also safeguard your bike, and our massive range of different gloves from renowned brands like Fox, Leatt, Ryder, SCOTT, and Titan will make it easy to find your perfect pair.

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