Dual Suspensions

      As a passionate cyclist, you’ve almost certainly wondered whether your next bike should be a hardtail or dual suspension. There are pros and cons to both, but it’s still a tough choice to make - even for us here at Bike Addict.

      It all boils down to the type of cycling that you want to do. A dual suspension bike remains the top choice if you’re interested in spending a lot of your trail time going downhill. It also makes a better choice if you’re going to be participating in enduro events.

      There are plenty of advantages of riding a dual suspension bike, including:

      ● You will enjoy a much smoother ride
      ● The tail is always nearer to the ground, offering better control
      ● Dual suspension bikes absorb a lot more energy from impacts

      Altogether, these advantages make a dual suspension bike the most efficient, comfortable, and fastest way down a hill. And if you choose one of the quality brands that we stock, you will be assured that the ride will be smooth all the way down. A dual suspension is all about smoothing out rough terrain, which makes it a great way to glide down a challenging slope with ease, and you’ll feel more confident knowing your wheel tracking will be on point and keep you on your path.

      But is a dual suspension right for you? If you’re still on the fence, take a look at the following questions to help clarify your decision:

      ● Are the trails you frequent rocky and uneven?
      ● Does your current hardtail battle to absorb enough impact?
      ● Do you have any long-term physical injuries?
      ● Do you want a bike that’s kinder on your body?

      If you answered “yes” to one or all these questions, then a dual suspension is the perfect type of bike for you. And when it comes to only the best brands in the industry, we’ve got you covered. These include Scott, Titan, Merida, GIANT, and a number of other industry-leaders. On top of this, we’ve gone to every length imaginable to only stock the highest-quality models that will fit in seamlessly with your budget requirements.

      If you’re looking for a dual suspension bicycle, Bike Addict can help. Browse our selection or contact us for more information about a bike that will suit your needs.
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