Staying hydrated when cycling is crucial, as dehydration can be a very serious issue. Thanks to Bike Addict’s extensive range of hydration equipment you never need to worry about being thirsty while racing downhill or pushing for you PB on the road. We’ve got all the water bottles, hydration backpacks and bottle holders you’ll ever need to keep thirst at bay.

      Our wide range of hydration products will suit all types of cyclists, from those who want to take a casual swig from a bottle while enjoying a leisurely ride, to those that need hydration solutions that they can utilise without compromising their performance.

      We stock durable water bottles in a range of styles and colours, and we have a wide range of water bottle holders that can easily be attached to your bicycle, leaving your hands free and making for quick access. You’ll find bottle cages that are cutting edge, lightweight and aerodynamic, as well as the very simple classic holders that are more traditional in style. Regardless of whether you want to pull your bottle out sideways, upwards or from the left or the right, our variety of cages has an option for everyone.

      If you need the ultimate in ergonomic, easy to drink solutions our hydration packs and backpacks are the way to go. These packs are worn like a backpack and have a refillable bladder that you can fill up as needed. Ideal for more serious cyclists, they feature a drinking tube that you can use as and when you need to. Hydration packs won’t get in your way, are lightweight and adjustable, and can be refilled with ease. They put fluids within easy reach and allow for hands free drinking at any stage of your ride.

      Everything you need to stay hydrated is available at Bike Addict. You’ll find hydration products from market leaders like Camelbak, Thule, Ryder, Leatt and Titan available in our store.

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