If you love mountain biking as much as we do at Bike Addict, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of hardtail bikes. But what is a hardtail, how does it work, and what makes it different? We’re here to provide you all the answers you need so that you can make well-informed decisions when browsing our selection of top brands.

      Mountain bikes come in a few varieties. Many of these have suspensions at the front and the rear. But when it comes to hardtails, only a front suspension is available. This front suspension is known as a fork, but you also won’t find a suspension on the back. This also makes the end of the bike much more rigid.

      There are some great benefits to this design. In fact, hardtail mountain bikes are more efficient when it comes to pedalling. But they also offer great resistance to shock when navigating even the toughest terrain. On top of this, a hardtail bike is a fantastic choice if you’re brand new to the game, and they’re a lot more affordable in many cases. Whether you’re brand new to mountain biking or a seasoned veteran, there’s a hardtail just right for you.

      It’s also important to know what kind of hardtail you need. This is why we’ve put together this short but comprehensive list of the different types of hardtails available on the market:

      ● Trail: This is the ultimate all-rounder within the hardtail sphere and it’s the perfect choice if you’re not sure what cycling discipline you’re interested in.
      ● XC: Cross country is the original type of hardtail and remains as popular as ever. This is the type of bike for you if you want to spend hours in the saddle.
      ● Enduro: Enduro is all about timings, specifically during the descent - this is where enduro hardtails come in. Choose an enduro bike if you need comfort at high speeds.

      Not every hardtail boasts excellent quality. Which is why we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we only stock the best brands on the market. These brands include:

      ● Titan
      ● Momsen
      ● Avalanche
      ● Scott

      In fact, the Titan Rogue entry-level series of hardtails are among the best beginner-friendly bikes on the market. It’s important that riders of every skill level have access to high-quality bikes that are also easy on the wallet, so Bike Addict ensures that there’s a hardtail to suit everyone’s pocket. Plus, we also have a selection of preowned bikes that accommodate various price points.
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