Kids Bikes

Kids Bikes


      Get your kid riding the right way with Bike Addict! South Africa offers plenty of great places to ride - both on road and off, and we’ve got the perfect kids bikes for you. Whether you’re looking for bicycles for kids that are family-friendly or just for fun, or those that let your kids tackle the harder off-road or MTB trails, Bike Addict has the best options. You can also opt to trade in and trade up, so as your kids grow and change, you can opt for better bikes that suit their needs and their height.

      Most of the big name bike brands have branched out into bicycles for kids, and we stock Avalanche, Giant, Royal Baby, Momsen, Mongoose and Muna, amongst many other brands. You’ll find everything from balance bikes that offer the very basics, have no pedals or brakes and are ideal for toddlers or those mastering the art or staying upright, to freestyle bikes with detachable training wheels, to those more suitable for younger avid riders who are taking the sport seriously.

      Junior, Juvenile and Mini boys and girls bikes are all part of what we offer, and there’s an assortment of styles and colours available too. From pink glitter to bright ‘bulldozer’ yellow kids MTB bikes you’ll find a good quality option to suit your little one. Sizes start at 12” and go all the way up to 26er’s that are ideal for teens, preteens or even smaller, slight adults.

      Many of our kid’s bikes are easy to service and you can do so yourself, or you can bring them in to us and we’ll service them for you. Our specialised sale personnel can also tell you more about what the best kids bikes are, and we offer great prices across the board.

      Bike Addict wants to help you get your kid cycling, so get in touch with us or browse our wide range of great bikes for kids and see what will work for you and your family.

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