Chain Guides

Chain Guides


      Your chain is one of the most integral parts of your bicycle, and it is also one that takes the most strain. That’s why Bike Addict stocks a wide range of bicycle chain guides to keep your chain well protected and, to as far as possible, prevent it from snapping or coming off at an inopportune time.

      Our bike chain guides are made for high quality, durable materials that are also lightweight to ensure they don’t weigh your bike down. Aluminium, carbon and nylon are used in the construction, and each option is designed to last.

      We stock MTB chain guides and bike guides for all other types of bicycles, and you can choose from leading brands like HOPE and CSIXX. Many of our guides are designed for single chainring drivetrains and have the biggest chainring compatibility on the market. They can be used on almost all sizes, and can accommodate from 28t to 40t.

      We also stock MTB chain guides that feature a snap fit slider system, and this makes fitting and adjusting them easy and quick. They simply need to be snapped on, adjusted to the right size, tightened and then you can get back in the saddle. Plus, many of our bike chainguides are compatible with the bits you’ll have in a standard toolbox, so fitting and maintenance is simple and straightforward.

      All our bike chainguides are competitively priced too, and we feature makes and models for the more casual or the serious rider. You can also choose from a variety of colours, and in some cases you can even select the base and the highlight colours to customize your guide.

      Never let a rock or dropped chain ruin your ride, check out our bicycle chain guides and protect your chain ring in the best way possible.

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