Whether you are an avid indoor cyclist or prefer riding on the road, you need a good pair of cycling shoes. If riding is a predominant feature of your lifestyle, then a good pair of cycling shoes is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

      Here at Bike Addict, you will be able to choose from almost 200 different pairs of shoes for men and women. Our featured selection includes apparel from Fizik, Giro, Louis Garneau, Scott, and Shimano, and ranges in price for those on a budget, to the high-end bike shoes worn by the pros.

      These stiff-bottomed shoes clip straight onto your pedals, making your ride a lot smoother and much more efficient. The careful design of cycling shoes allows you to transfer more power to your machine with every stroke of the pedal, and because you are clipped into them, you will be using more leg muscle when you ride and getting a better workout overall. Instead of just hammering down on your poor quadriceps, you will be able to pull up better, engaging your hamstrings. This means a far better balance will be achieved as your muscles share the work and you’ll get a lot further along before fatigue starts setting in. Whether you’re riding indoors or outdoors you’ll quickly start seeing results with this kind of efficiency.

      Another great reason you should always be wearing bike shoes is the amount of safety they add to your ride. When your foot isn’t actually attached to the pedal, you run the risk of it slipping off when you’re in motion. And if this happens at a high cadence, you won’t be able to get your foot out of the way before the crank swings the pedal around and hits your leg.

      Make sure you stay safe and enjoy the smoothest ride with Bike Addict’s quality range of cycling shoes.

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