Shimano produces one of the best-loved cycling gearing systems on earth. It’s one of the most trusted, and most reliable, among cyclists and is a first choice because it combines longevity, performance, and value.

      Established in 1921, Shimano has been producing innovative components since it opened its doors and you can guarantee that their bike groupsets and parts are not only widely esteemed, but well-made and competitively priced as well. This company has directly contributed to some of the biggest shake ups in the cycling world, including dual-pivot brakes and indexed and integrated shifting.

      Our Shimano brake pads and spring keeps tension on the pad and off the brake rotor’s surface when you are slowing your bicycle down. We always recommend you run yours because of how much they ease pad wear as they help the brakes stay cool.

      The Shimano disc rotors we stock have been designed to dissipate heat, shed weight, and strikingly improve your machine’s overall performance, and Shimano pedals are in a class of their own. They dominate the market for a great reason: they are one of the most reliable, user-friendly options available anywhere.

      Shimano road cleats are a big hit with Bike Addict customers who ride professionally and as amateurs because they have a stable platform, offer easy operation, and really deliver in terms of long-lasting performance.

      And we always advise our readers to get a good pair of cycling shoes as early on in their biking journey as possible. They make your ride a smoother, more efficient one and are one of the best investments you can make.

      Browse our Shimano products at your leisure and remember that we offer free shipping on accessories over R1 000*.

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