Bike Addict Size Guide

Choosing the right size Bike can be a hassle. Here's a Helpful Size Guide from Bike Addict to make things a little bit easier.

*Please contact our friendly Sales Staff to confirm your size.

For reference here are some Size Charts from Merida, Titan Racing and Scott to compare:



We have built a strong reputation for delivering a quality Junior Range and created an easy to use kids bike size guide to help you choose the right bike for your kids.

A few things to consider:

1. Bike weight
Bikes can be difficult for kids to manoeuvre, and the heavier the bike the more difficult this becomes. Most kid’s bikes are made either from aluminium or steel.

2. Stand over height
Even when kids have learnt to ride they still need time to adjust to a new bike. A low standover height aids not only in the learning phase but also helps with balance when mounting and dismounting.

3. Quality
By using high-quality brake levers and shifters it makes shifting and pulling the brakes easier for small hands and thumbs. These components are robust and investing in a good quality kids bike can save you money in the long run.

4. Accidents do happen
Inevitably your little one will fall off their bike. This makes wearing a suitable helmet so important.

5. Be seen
If your kids are going to ride in public areas, they need to be visible. Ensure your child has front and back lights switched on so they are noticeable to other road users.

About the Titan Racing Junior Range

The Titan Racing Junior Range is built on lightweight hydroformed aluminium frames designed specifically to meet the needs of kids. A mix of lightweight kids’ specific components are used to best spec our bikes in terms of quality and price. All our bikes feature a low standover height to ensure kids always feel comfortable, at ease and in control of their bike. Our bikes feature a unique 5 Year Multi-User Warranty.

Choosing the right size

Unlike adult bikes, where frame size is determined by the seat tube length, kids’ bikes are instead sized on their wheel diameter. The below guide should let you know what size wheels you are looking for.