Keeping your bicycle in tip top condition doesn’t have to be tricky, and at Bike Addict we’ve got all the tools you need to maintain your 2 wheeler. We also have an in-house maintenance team who can assist you in just about every way, from advising what products you need, servicing your bicycle or telling you what to do – or not do- when it comes to maintenance.

      Different types of bicycles require different maintenance and what you need for a mountain bike will differ to what you need for a race or Enduro bicycle. Every bike however, comprises of a number of small parts, and keeping these clean and in perfect working order will improve the quality of your ride.

      We stock all the products you need to maintain your bicycle, and feature a selection of lubricants, grease and cleaners, wheel bags, bike bags and protector covers and bush sets from leading brands like Scicon, White Lightning, Race Face, Bike Shield, Ryder and NamGear.

      Bicycle lubricant is key to keeping all the working parts of your bike moving smoothly and our chain lubes and cleaners are a must-have for any avid rider. Our brush sets are also an essential tool, and we stock a variety of different brushes that will help you get right into the crevices of your chain and drivetrain. Additionally, we have bike cleaners that will remove dirt, grime and grease without damaging or changing your frames colour or finish.

      Protecting your bicycle when it is in transit is also part of maintenance, and our multitude of covers can protect everything from your wheel to your forks, the full bicycle, or just the rack that you are using to store your bike on. We’ve also got gear protectors that will ensure your gears stay damage free.

      We take bicycle maintenance seriously and our wide range of well-priced products let you do the same.

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