Winter Gear

Winter Gear


      Staying warm and dry doesn’t have to be an issue when you’re cycling in winter if you’ve got the right gear. To protect you from the elements, Bike Addict has a wide range of winter gear that’s designed to keep the cold weather out, stop you from getting soaked to the skin, and still let you stay comfortable and have freedom of movement no matter how stormy it gets.

      Our range of winter gear caters to both road and mountain bike riders, and we have all weather apparel for both men and women. No matter what you need to weather winter while staying in the saddle, we have it.

      Every cyclist needs a comfortable, lightweight jacket and we stock a variety of styles, brands and options that will meet all your needs. From waterproof jackets to those with hoods and protective padding, to those without, we’ve got the style and colour to suit you. We also stock a range of cycling jerseys that are made from durable hi-tech fabric that breathes, but still keeps you warm. You can stay looking stylish with our winter gear, as it’s not only practical it’s good looking too.

      At Bike Addict you’ll be able to stock up on thermal leg, arm and knee warmers that offer protection, warmth and comfort. We’ve got arm warmers that provide UV protection as even in the winter months; the sun can be very harsh. If you want to keep your feet warm and dry we have thermal toe covers that fit over your cycling shoes and can be removed for washing when needed.

      Find all the winter gear you need at Bike Addict and shop brands like Leatt, Ciovita, Pearl Izumi, Louis Garneau and Assos at competitive prices. No matter what the weather, we’ve got you covered.

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