e-Bikes are a way to enhance your cycles providing additional power in all the circumstances you need it. These bicycles feature battery-powered assistance that kicks in when you pedal and can be adjusted to provide whatever level of power you need for your ride. This will engage when you power down on the pedals, giving you a boost that allows you to traverse hills and travel over rougher terrain without exhaustion.

      Whether you want to explore the mountains in a new way, streamline your daily commute, or change up your road trips, e-bikes are a great idea. Bike Addict has always been at the vanguard when it comes to the South African cycling scene. Our many years’ experience has come in very handy in terms of staying on top of the latest trends. We have always made sure our customers have access to the newest ways to ride.

      Electrical bicycles have enjoyed a surge in popularity recently and we have a range of quality brands available at our store. This list includes bikes by all the industry’s heavy hitters like Avalanche, Cannondale, Scott, Titan, Bianchi, and Merida. There is something for every budget here, and we are also happy to talk about trade-ins, trade-ups, and financing. Chat to us about our on-site maintenance services as well.

      We are proud to offer an e-bike for all kinds of terrain and will almost certainly have the one designed to meet your requirements. e-bikes are the perfect choice for you if you’re struggling to keep up with your peers in your riding group and can make tackling more challenging courses a little easier. As you work at enhancing your fitness, they cover the slack which is why they are also a good choice if you’re struggling with an injury.

      Browse our catalogue today and feel free to reach out to one of the Bike Addict experts if you have any questions or queries. We’re always happy to help.

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