Looking to explore the mountains like never before? Want a new way of commuting or cycling on the road? An e-bike may be your best option.

A Bike Addict we’ve always been ahead of the curve, and our years of experience stand us in good stead when it comes to new trends and new ways to ride. Electric bikes have become increasingly popular over the years, and we stock a wide range of quality brands to meet your needs.

E-bikes are essentially electronic bicycles with integrated motors that are used to propel you forward, and the strength of the motor utilised allows for different functions. Smaller motors assist with pedal power, while the larger motor turns your bicycle into something similar to a moped, all while still retaining the pedal functionality. These electronic bikes use rechargeable batteries and despite being fitted with a motor, are usually quite lightweight.

Bike Addict offers you every option when it comes to e-bikes and we’ve got a range of competitively priced road and MTB bicycles to suit your pocket. From the Scott E-Genius to the Avalanche and Giant e-bikes, there’s something to work with your budget. You can also chat to us about trade ins and trade ups, and about finance. We also offer maintenance services on-site, so you can keep your bicycle in tip-top condition.

We stock the best e-bikes for every terrain, and with features like electric assist technology and the Shimano STEPS drive system behind you, you can push your boundaries and go further than ever before. Every men’s and ladies e-bike also boasts state of the art features such as Giant’s PedalPlus 4-sensor Technology or Scott TwinLoc Remote Technology, making those longer inclines easier and those epic downhills easier than ever.

Riding faster or further or getting your fitness up to speed is easier with an e-bike, and at Bike Addict we’ve got the right fit waiting for you.



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