Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes


      If you love the thrill of adventure and want to be able to tackle just about any terrain on your bicycle, gravel bikes are the perfect choice. At Bike Addict we stock a wide range of gravel bikes that can be ridden just about anywhere, from on the road, to off.

      The bicycles for sale that we stock all have features like additional clearance for wider tyres, disc brakes and lightweight frames, making them ideal for exploring those harder to reach, out the way rough terrain spaces that just beg to be discovered from the saddle.

      Our gravel bikes can adapt to more rugged terrain with ease and are also the perfect commuter bike as they can tackle potholes with no problems, plus they are tailored to be comfortable over long distances. Gravel bikes are direct descendants of touring bikes but they also combine MTB elements to ensure that no matter where you want to ride, you can get there. They are suitable for use on road, track or off-road terrain are perfectly suited to cyclists that are looking to buy a bicycle that is dual purpose and doesn’t only limit them to performance on one surface.

      They are incredibly versatile and we stock brands like Cross, Cannondale, Avalanche, Merida and SCOTT. All of these bicycle brands meet the highest standards of quality, and there are gravel bikes to suit all budgets.

      Our trained bike specialists can help you buy the right bicycle for your needs, talk you through your available finance options or assist with a trade in or trade up. We also stock a wide range of accessories and cycling gear, and our in house maintenance department can assist with bicycle services too. Plus, all gravel bikes over R3000 are shipped free, subject to terms and conditions.

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