Bike Bags

Bike Bags


      Travelling anywhere with your bicycle, especially by plane, can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Bike Addict’s bike bags make it easy to transport your bicycle from A to B without any worries of it getting damaged, chipped, scratched, or worse.

      We stock a wide range of top quality bag bags that make transporting your mountain bike or road bicycle easy, and ensure that it is adequately protected, no matter where you travel with it. If you invest in a strong, durable bicycle bag like the ones we have at Bike Addict you’ll be buying insurance in a way, and will be protecting your asset. You spend a lot of time and money on your bicycle, so a protective cover or case for it is an essential, and a worthwhile investment.

      We have hard shell and soft shell cases, and different size cases to suit the various different types of bicycles. All our cases are lightweight and built to last, and are easy to carry too. You can choose what type of protection you need, from a simple lightweight cover for when your bike is in the back of the car, to a heavy duty bag for travelling both locally or internationally.

      We don’t only stock complete bike bags; we also have wheel bags that make it easy to take a single wheel or 2 with you, and are also ideal for keeping your spare wheels well protected while you move them around.

      You’ll find bike bags from trusted and respected brands like Bike Pod, Eva, Merida, Pro and Scott in our online store, and can choose the option that will best work for you and your needs. Looking after your bicycle is easy and affordable at Bike Addict, and we are here to ensure you always keep your bike in tiptop shape, no matter where you go in the world.

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