Grips and Handlebars

Grips and Handlebars


      In the last decade or so, bicycle handlebars have benefitted from major advancements in technology, and have become sleeker, lighter and more ergonomic than ever before. If you’re looking for enhanced comfort, better performance and easier control, Bike Addict has a wide range of cycling handlebars designed to suit all types of riders.

      From racing to MTB to road and triathlon, we’ve got all styles, makes and models of bicycle handlebars in our store. Raceface, CSIXX, Momsen, Cannondale, SRAM, Pro and Enve are just some of the many high quality brands that we stock, and whether you’re looking for flat, curved, straight, slim or wide designs, we’ve got them all.

      We know that every rider has their own preference when it comes to bike handlebars, and that the perfect fi is different for everybody. That’s why we have such a wide range of options available, and we cater for everyone, from the casual weekend rider to the pro triathlete.

      Our MTB handlebars are durable, lightweight and designed to offer ultimate control on even the most technical terrains. Our road and race handlebars are also lightweight and allow for an aerodynamic fit that that won’t affect your performance, or slow you down.

      Made from carbon and alloy, all our bicycle handlebars are designed to improve results, and you can select the size, width and diameter that work for you. You can also opt for your preferred upswing or downswing, and can ensure ultimate comfort, even on long rides.

      If you’re not sure which bike handlebars are the best for you, chat to our team of Bike Addict experts, and remember that we offer free shipping on items over R1000*. We also have an in-house maintenance department, so we can assist you with fitment and a whole lot more too.

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