Saddles, Seatposts and Stems

Saddles, Seatposts and Stems


      We’ve all been there. You jump on your bike, ready for a ride alone, with your family, or some friends, or maybe you’re doing your bit in a charity race. And you know before you even get started that you’re going to suffer!

      Casual cyclists who aren’t used to being in the saddle every week will be all too aware of the discomfort, pain, and numbness their saddles are going to leave them with. Maybe you’ve even started to simply accept this as an inevitable part of riding, something you have to grin and bear.

      Well the good news is that it’s not, you don’t, and Bike Addict has just the remedy.

      Our massive range of some of the finest saddles in the market today are here for the taking, and we’re happy to help you choose the right one to start managing the physical impact your hobby has on you. Acclaimed brands like Ryder, Titan Racing, Wilderness Trail Bikes, Velo Bikes, and Giant Bicycles have developed saddles to suit every style, all possible terrains, and cyclists of every level of experience and we’ve got the goods.

      Ignoring your body’s messages is never a good idea and the long-term effects of an incorrect saddle choice or position can be dangerous. Which one of our range you end up selecting will depend on your gender, your overall flexibility, and what your favoured riding position looks like. You’ll also need to measure the width of your sit bones so we can find a saddle that you can comfortably fit into, and you’ll need to ensure your inseam is correct since its height is an important factor as well.

      Gather the information you need to make the right purchase and then browse the enormous range of saddles we’ve got available. We’re happy to help any way we can and offer free delivery on orders over R1 000*.

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