Cycling sunglasses don’t just offer your eyes protection from the sun and the glare, and keep them safe from harmful UV rays, they also offer protection from sand and dirt when on riding off-road, and against pollutants when riding on road. At Bike Addict we’ve made sure that we’ve got your sport sunglasses needs covered, and that you can look after your eyes with ease.

      Our range of cycling sunglasses is designed to suit everyone, and we cater for every preference. We have form fitting, wraparound sporty shades that offer maximum protection with minimum intrusion, and we have the more casual wayfarers and other styles that combine functionality with fashion. We stock sports sunglasses with a variety of different lenses, so you can pick from polarized, mirrored and tints of different colours. Plus, some makes and models allow for lenses to be easily changeable to suit your riding environment. We also sell cycling sunglasses with clear lenses that are designed to offer eye protection in all lights.

      We believe that when it comes to looking after your eyes, quality is key, and that’s why we stock brands like Oakley, SCOTT, Uvex and D’arc. Each of these brands is renowned for their quality products that are suited to casual and pro riders alike. We also stock more sophisticated sports sunglasses, and our range of integrated eyewear and Lightweight Polycarbonate frames will meet even the most dedicated cyclist requirements.

      We strive to offer a wide range of cycling sunglasses for men and women in a variety of styles, and our prices are always competitive. A variety of styles are readily available and you can opt for seamless eyewear integration or looking trendy while in the saddle. Whatever you need, Bike Addict can kit you out so that you can keep your eyes on the road.

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