Bike Frames

      The frame of your bike is an essential component. It provides both the structure and support for the other parts of the bike and has a major impact on your ride experience. If you’ve browsed through a few of the bike frames we offer at Bike Addict, you will notice they come in different shapes, and there are shapes of every variety that you can imagine.

      Most of today’s bike frames are based on the diamond frame. This is a design that first became popular during the 1880s, and because of its shape, the design still works extremely well. Not everyone uses the diamond design, however. Many manufacturers have modified the classic design or created entirely unique ones of their own.

      But it’s not just the design we’ve brought into the modern world. We also use extremely durable and cost-effective space-age materials. There are four main materials that we use in the production of high-quality bikes. These are carbon fibre, aluminium, steel, and titanium.

      Aluminium is a great choice if you’re buying on a smaller budget and don’t need the strongest or heaviest frame. But there are also advanced aluminium composites that are ultra-durable too. However, for the best quality, titanium and carbon fibre come highly recommended. Buying a carbon fibre frame means that your bike will be as close to indestructible as possible, and it will last for years to come.

      Let’s look at some of the advantages of each material:

      ● Aluminium: This is a light, corrosive-resistant and strong material that’s also the most affordable of the four.
      ● Titanium: Titanium is enormously strong, but it also won’t rust or suffer any structural fatigue. It’s as durable as steel, but also costs more. Many pro riders consider titanium to be the best material of them all.
      ● Carbon fibre: This is the material of choice for high-end mountain bikes and it’s why many of our frames are carbon fibre. It’s the lightest material of them all and it also absorbs shocks better.
      ● Steel: A classic material that is not as popular as it once was. However, it remains a popular choice among custom designs where there is a smaller budget.

      Not all bike frame manufacturers provide the same level of quality. At Bike Addict, we take quality very seriously, which is why you’ll only find the best-quality bike frames that money can buy. We ensure that every frame we stock is manufactured by a trusted brand, which is why you’ll find frames from Giant, Titan, and Bianchi for sale on our site.
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