Prologo Scratch M5 PAS Saddle
Prologo Scratch M5 PAS Saddle

Prologo Scratch M5 PAS Saddle

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The saddle that won the Tour de France 2020 and 2021.

Climb, sprint or long stages, no matter the challenge faced. The Scratch M5 was Pogaçar 's perfect ally to become the best climber, the best youngster but above all the best ever.

Scratch M5 / Scratch M5 PAS is the new line of saddles that uses 4.0 technologies; Innovative in terms of size, shape and ergonomics, they are suitable for multiple uses and disciplines (Road / Off Road), including Triathlon.

Thanks to the new design, size and ergonomic shape "T SHAPE", the SCRATCH M5 PAS are suitable for indistinct use for men / women . The dimensions are 250 x 140mm and the weights vary according to the model configuration: the Nack version weighs only 129gr, while the Tirox version 185gr.

The new seating system MSS- Multi Sector System , designed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, contributes to improving comfort and performance. The active and separated foams create 5 zones that work in an intelligent and individual way, favoring the normal pedaling movement both in the push and pull phase. The round shape of the SCRATCH M5 allows the pelvis a natural rotation, creating stability and support for the lumbar areas; it also favors the distribution of pressures over a larger surface.

The Perineal Area System ( PAS ) is a channel designed to eliminate pressure peaks and numbness by improving blood flow. Its particular design of ergonomic shape, assisted by variable density foam, eliminates the contact points in the prostatic-genital area. The PAS channel is optimal for users who prefer performance combined with comfort over long and medium distances.

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