MOTOREX Race Shock Oil (250ml)

MOTOREX Race Shock Oil (250ml)

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RACING SHOCK OIL with “3D RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY”. This completely newly developed technology, which was used for the first time in the new generation of RACING FORK OILs, enables a new kind of damping behavior thanks to its special molecular structure. Tensile and impact forces are no longer derived using the «accordion» method (zigzag), but rather on a kind of «grid structure» with several levels.

The 3-dimensional structure of the new molecular composition causes the 3D RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY. The focus of the RACING SHOCK OIL lies in the combination of maintaining the absolutely outstanding performance of the RACING FORK OIL and withstanding the higher thermal loads on the damper without any loss. The extensive test results from professional teams and drivers have confirmed this to us.


MOTOREX RACING SHOCK OIL has been specially developed for damper systems with the highest demands. This means that if the damper settings are optimally coordinated with the RACING SHOCK OIL, the driver receives the best possible feedback from the chassis! Both in the off-road area and on the road.


With regard to the maintenance interval and filling quantities, MOTOREX recommends observing the manufacturer's specifications or referring to a designated chassis specialist.


250 ml

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