MOTOREX Chain Degreaser Spray (500ml)

MOTOREX Chain Degreaser Spray (500ml)

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MOTOREX BIKE CHAIN ​​DEGREASER is a highly active, rapidly biodegradable chain and parts cleaner. BIKE CHAIN ​​DEGREASER is particularly effective on greasy and oily dirt. Thanks to its special formula, it penetrates the smallest gaps, dries without leaving any residue, but is non-corrosive. Its universal removal power also removes resins.


MOTOREX BIKE CHAIN ​​DEGREASER is used for the quick and effective cleaning of heavily soiled parts such as bicycle chains, changers, shift linkages, etc.


Attention: MOTOREX BIKE CHAIN ​​DEGREASER strongly degreases, so immediately relubricate parts with CHAINLUBE FOR DRY CONDITIONS, CHAINLUBE FOR WET CONDITIONS or CHAINLUBE ALLROUND. Note: Also available as a fluid!


500 ml

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