FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Train 3.2kg
FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Train 3.2kg
FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Train 3.2kg

FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Train 3.2kg

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FiT CarboTrain™ is an efficient, pleasant tasting, easily assimilated, high value powder drink developed especially to prevent cumulative glycogen depletion while simultaneously supporting the immune system by including a full complement of electrolytes, vitamins, MSM, L-Glutamine & L-Taurine. Immune system support is an especially important feature for any athlete.

FiT CarboTrain™ may be used daily on an indefinite basis without developing a “tolerance” factor to specialised performance enhancing ingredients (e.g. herbs) as contained in some other products. FiT CarboTrain™ is suitable for pre race “carbo loading”, and makes an excellent race drink as well, although FiT CarboSupreme™ is the first choice for competition use.

Few endurance athletes are aware that daily training for as little as one hour per day at above about 70% of Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) without additional nutrition can result in cumulative glycogen (high intensity energy store) depletion, even when consuming a high carbohydrate diet. I.e. the body simply cannot recover fully between training sessions, resulting in a downward spiral which results in low energy levels, sore muscles, weight loss, opportunistic illnesses etc. This negatively affects training quality, athletic improvement and also health.

FiT CarboTrain™ is suitable for Oral Hydration and certain Diabetics under exercise induced conditions.

  • Immune System & Growth Hormone Stimulation
  • Anti-Oxidants to Prevent Muscle Damage
  • Promotes Tissue Healing & Muscle Repair
  • Electrolytes to Replace Sweat Losses
  • Added Glutamine, Taurine & MSM
  • Enables Quality Training Sessions


Recommended Use

Mix 2 rounded scoops (approx 20g) per 250ml of water. About 750ml (6 scoops) should be consumed per hour of training / race time. Drinking must commence within the first 15 minutes. Consume within 5 hours of preparation & do not prepare the day before consumption.

Mix as above. Consume 8 to 12 scoops (10g per scoop) per day for 2 to 3 days prior to the event. Spread throughout the day. Ensure sufficient fluid (water) intake to prevent possible gastro-intestinal discomfort. Also eat high CHO foods such as rice, pasta and potatoes.

FiT CarboTrain™ makes an effective Race Fuel, but higher performance alternatives include implementing the FiT Big Five Combo Race Pack or FiT CarboSupreme™ for ultimate ride enjoyment & race performance.

Consume 4 scoops in approx 500ml of water within 10 to 60 minutes of completing a training session. This is especially important if no carbohydrate replacement took place during the session. If your session was longer than 2 hours take a second serving about 45 minutes after the first one.
Note: FiT DuraTrain™ is especially designed for post training and racing recovery.


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