FiT Gluta Grow Energy & GH Releaser (200 caps)

FiT Gluta Grow Energy & GH Releaser (200 caps)

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Energy & GH Releaser / Overtraining Prevention


Helps protect against over training syndrome, supports immune system, assists energy metabolism, aids cell hydration and promotes natural GH Release.

Helps protect against Over training syndrome
Supports immune system
Assists energy metabolism
Intra-Muscular Glutamine Anabolic
Hormone Release
Assist Muscle Growth
Promote Glucose Metabolism

Muscle Recovery and Energy Stimulator
Beat Overtraining Syndrome

Glutamine is produced in the muscle, but has numerous functions in the body and is used by almost every organ and cell type. During heavy training the Glutamine is depleted from the organs, which causes a deficiency of Glutamine in the plasma. The muscles are then forced to release their Glutamine stores to replenish the other organs, which are unable to produce their own Glutamine.

Furthermore, Glutamine is released into the blood to help remove toxic substances such as lactic acid and ammonium, which build up during high intensity exercise. This can result in a shortage of Glutamine in the muscles, leading to catabolism. The over training syndrome occurs when the volume and intensity of training becomes out of balance with recovery time. Since it can take approximately 30 hours for intra-muscular glutamine levels to recover to pre-exercise levels, an athlete who trains every day will deplete their muscle glutamine stores more and more with each session, until it drops below the minimum amount needed to maintain an anabolic state.

Unless Glutamine is supplemented, a long-term catabolic state can result, the worst possible condition for anyone trying to improve their athletic ability. Depleted glutamine levels also severely impair immune system function, which is why over trained athletes tend to be more susceptible to illness. The unique formulation of GlutaGrow™ will help guard against over training, help stimulate energy levels and body growth, and help ensure optimum health.

The components in GlutaGrow™ are designed to complement and reinforce the action and benefits of L-Glutamine, and together with, or independently of Glutamine, may provide the following benefits:

Assist with stimulating the release of certain anabolic hormones, including Human Growth Hormone, enabling glucose and amino acids such as Glutamine to enter the muscle cells. This creates an optimal cellular environment for new muscle growth. Assist with the proper digestion of fats and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and promote proper nervous system function.
Assist with cell hydration, which also benefits glycogen and protein synthesis.
Assist with the conversion of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins into ATP, which the cells are able to use as food. Promote glucose metabolism, help to regulate blood sugar, and improve insulin sensitivity and efficiency. Helps detoxify the body. Helps increase the contraction strength of the heart muscle.

Recommended Use
Take 3 capsules first thing in the morning. Take 3 capsules in the afternoon or between 30 and 60 minutes before training. Take another 3 capsules an hour after training.

GlutaGrow™ may also increase alertness and therefore should not be taken before going to bed.

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