CIOVITA Merino Ladies Undervest

CIOVITA Merino Ladies Undervest

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The world of cycling is dominated by synthetic fabrics designed for athletic performance, but as fabric technologies have advanced, we are seeing more and more how natural fabrics can be incorporated to create the next generation of high performance cyclewear.

Merino wool is one such fabric that is taking the cycling world by storm. This natural fabric is odour resistant, naturally breathable, thermo regulating, naturally elastic and UV resistant making it the perfect base for a wide variety of cycling apparel. It’s time you discover the joys of Merino wool fabric for yourself.

This undervest has been designed to take maximum advantage of these fantastic properties with the 79% merino wool 21% nylon blend allowing the natural heat insulating and extreme breathability of Merino to be shaped into a lightweight, high performance garment.

Merino wool feel soft against the skin due to the extremely fine fibers making it a must have addition in both cold and warm weather.

The undervest also benefits from Merino's natural anti bacterial properties, which help control odour.

Merino wool is eco friendly and renewable meaning it isn't just good for your ride, but good for the planet too.


Handwash at 30°C. Merino wool products might shrink when absorbing moisture (during washing), but returns to its original size after drying or ironing.

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