Shifting Your Spring Training Into Higher Gear

Spring is just around the corner, and signs of the approaching season are everywhere. You may have noticed the days getting longer and warmer, and the sky on your early morning rides is thankfully a little lighter.

However, there is still a definite chill in the air, and for cyclists, this means training cleverly by following the season and the weather. Read on as we explain how to kick off your spring training regime and get out of your winter hibernation.

Starting Slowly

There is one key trick to getting started with cycling training in spring: start slow. If you are like most other South African cyclists, you will have spent the majority of your winter indoors, staying out of the cold weather and perhaps only training on an indoor trainer from time to time.

If this sounds like you, it ultimately means that you will have to build up your stamina and level of physical activity slowly over time, and spring is, of course, the perfect time to start. Remember to reduce the duration and intensity of your training regimen during the upcoming season and gradually build up to a complete training schedule. Overdoing it after a long period of little activity could result in injuries that are best avoided instead.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Another essential thing to do during spring training is to pay attention to the weather. It is still quite chilly at the moment, especially during the mornings and evenings, so you should take care to dress for the season when you’re on your bike. We offer an awesome range of spring cycling apparel that will keep you stylish and warm as the weather begins to change.

The glare of winter is still around as well, which could be dangerous for those who need good visibility on the track. Buy some good quality sports sunglasses and your eyes will be protected from glare and damaging UVA rays as well.

Keep a Lookout for Mist and Showers

As you head off on your spring training adventure, you will also need to watch out for unpredictable weather conditions. Spring is a season of transience, so you might experience four seasons in a day depending on where you are cycling. Keep an eye on incoming weather conditions, spring showers and things like mist and fog so that you never find yourself stuck in poor or hazardous weather without a plan.

Speaking of plans, it’s a good idea to ensure that your visibility gear and lights are all-sufficient and in working order during this time. Check out our range of reflective gear should you want to be extra safe this season.

Stay Healthy, Hydrated and Warmed Up

Our final tip is one of the most important for our spring cyclists. As the new season approaches, you must adopt a good diet and drink plenty of water, especially while training. Many of us indulge during the winter and drink less water too, but as the weather heats up it will become essential for you to stay hydrated and eat plenty of nutrients to increase stamina and recovery. Don’t shy away from the right carbohydrate sources, and eat enough protein to ensure that your muscles can heal themselves properly. Work with a sports nutritionist to develop an eating plan if you can.

Warming up before you head out on your training sessions is also very important. Give your muscles a good stretch using the warm-up techniques of your choice to prevent strain-related injuries and keep you cycling hard this spring season.

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