How to Take Proper Care of Your Bike Gear

It’s no secret that good quality biking apparel can be quite pricey. Once you have splashed out, however, you will have it for many years – as long as you look after it that is! Looking after your cycling gear is actually very easy with the right guidance, and that is exactly what we aim to provide in this article.

Read on to learn how to extend the lifespan of your cycling apparel and safety gear so that you can get the best possible wear out of it.

Caring for Cycling Shoes

Your cycling shoes need to be cleaned properly after each and every ride. Some people only clean them once or twice a month, while others prefer to leave it for months at a time. Unfortunately, build-up of dirt and other unwanted agents can quickly degrade the materials your shoes are made of, drastically reducing their lifespan. Clean your shoes every time you use them with a gentle detergent, or simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. Remember to let them dry properly and completely for best results, and if they are very wet, stuff newspaper in them to help them retain their shape and not shrink.

Checking Helmet Pads

We recommend checking your helmet pads on a regular basis – before every use, if possible. These pads keep your cycling helmet firmly cradled against your head, protecting you from injury should you stall or fall.

They can become inefficient and worn with regular wear, and safety is something that you should never compromise on. If you need new pads, you can find them at our online store and have them delivered at your convenience.

Cleaning Your Helmet

Speaking of helmets, cleaning yours is also an excellent idea. It is recommended that you spray off your helmet at least twice a month to remove sweat, bacteria and build-up that naturally appears during races and other cycling adventures.

Again, it’s essential to let your helmet dry properly for best results. Leaving any gear damp can lead to mildew and mould formation, which will reduce the lifespan of the garments and create unpleasant smells as well.

Cleaning Your Cycling Clothes

You might think that you can wash cycling clothes like you would any other clothing, but there is actually an art to getting this right. Using fabric softener, hot water washes and the likes can severely damage your gear, so it’s better to follow a few golden rules when doing your laundry.

We recommend:

  • Never let your gear sit around wet. Many cyclists are tempted to peel off their sweaty gear and leave it in a corner until laundry day, but it’s better to launder it immediately after use. Washing your gear immediately will prevent odour-causing bacteria from building up and becoming embedded in the synthetic fibres. You may never get the smell out once this has happened.
  • Avoid re-wearing unwashed gear. This can cause the same issues with smell and bacteria mentioned above. Sweat odours can be impossible to get rid of, so rather take the road of caution and wash your gear every time.
  • Don’t use hot washes. Hot water (or any heat for that matter) can slash your clothes’ lifespan and cause them to become dull, misshapen and lacklustre. Using moderate temperature water will be sufficient to kill bacteria without damaging your kit. On this note, never use a tumble dryer for your cycling clothes either.
  • Never launder your cycling clothes with velcro. Velcro will quickly tear up the delicate fabrics of your gear in the wash. Launder items with velcro or metal zips separately.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners or heavily scented detergents. Dyes, perfumes and softeners in these products leave residues that clog up the spaces between the fibres of your clothes. These high-performance materials are meant to wick moisture away from your skin, but such products can prevent them from doing this effectively.