How to Foster Your Kids’ Passion for Cycling

You might already be passionate about cycling, but if you have kids, it can be a challenge to get them involved. However, once you do, the rewards will be greater than you could ever have imagined. Physical activity is always fantastic for kids, and cycling is one of the best ways to get them out on the road, exploring their surroundings and burning off all of their excess energy.

There are plenty of child-friendly racing activities that your kids can get involved in as well. These are highly social activities during which they can make new friends, enjoy some fresh air, and stay fit and lithe as well. Clearly there are many benefits to developing your children’s love of cycling and racing – and we are here to show you how.

Get Them Good Quality Bikes

The first step to getting your kids involved in cycling is to get them quality kids bicycles that they can use on a variety of terrains. Bikes that are a step up in quality are the best choice, as they are suitable for off-road and on-road cycling. For younger children, you might want to consider buying a kiddies’ bike with training wheels that you can later remove as they find their feet and start cycling on their own.

Sign Them Up for Local Races

There are tons of kid-friendly races and cycling events to sign your children up for. You can get them started in basic cycling clubs, or if they are already experienced, encourage them to join local kids’ leagues and competitive races as well. The Spur League in South Africa is always a popular option, but there are many other races suitable for younger cyclists that can be found in our events calendar.

Take Them With You on Rides

If your kids are already into cycling, you might have taken them on a few road rides on weekends or after school. However, if you really want to develop their passion for cycling, try taking them with you on rides that are more challenging than your standard tar tracks. This idea is generally suited to children aged 8 and up, as they will be more capable and confident when it comes to tackling tricky terrain. Remember to start them off slow and provide as much support and supervision as you can.

Buy Them Good Protective Gear

Let’s face it – kids are accident-prone! This is especially true for children who are into sports like cycling, where injuries, falls and crashes are part and parcel of the pastime for anyone. To protect them while they are learning to ride properly, we recommend buying them top quality protective gear. Choose helmets, protective pads and other gear that fits well and that they will be happy to wear. You will likely have to replace them frequently as your kids grow, but their protection is certainly worth the cost. Encourage them to use this protective gear every time they use their bikes too, as you will hopefully be able to avoid many injuries and abrasions this way.

Be Patient with Them

Learning to cycle can be a challenging process for a child. Be patient with them when they fall, crash or hurt themselves, and offer words of gentle encouragement and constructive criticism where you can. When your children know that you have their backs no matter what, they will be much more likely to give cycling a second try after something goes wrong. Remember, we all had to learn once. By helping your kids wherever you can you will instill a passion for cycling and fitness in them that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.