How to finance a bike through I-ME Solutions

We have developed a finance product specifically for the enthusiastic cyclist to stay relevant and on top of the rapidly advancing sport of cycling. An added benefit is that an upgrade at any time is possible. We will show you how cost of ownership can beat the purchase price.

Bicycle: List of items that can be financed and available at Bike Addict

New bicycle frame from manufactured approved dealer (indicating serial number)
All accessories (e.g. GPS and Performance meters)
And all these items can be financed at the discounted price offered by Bike Addict so you have extra money available for the accessories that complete the cycling experience.

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Two options:

Company rental – direct to same form as commercial

Or personal – If you completed and submitted your contact form, we will be in touch with you regarding further documentation needed.

Bicycle Terms
Finance Period (rental): 12 months or 24 months
Deposit: 0%
Find Printable Application form bellow.
Contact info
We would love to tell you all about our wonderful services, but what makes us unique is the skill of listening, so if you have anything to say or ask, please feel free to contact us any time, we would love to hear from you and be of assistance if need be.
Note: the processing could take up to 5 working days
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Contact Numbers

Bike Addict: (022) 482 2974/6


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