FiT Sports Supplements Goo Sachets (Single Serving)
FiT Sports Supplements Goo Sachets (Single Serving)

FiT Sports Supplements Goo Sachets (Single Serving)

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Most so-called “energy gel” products are really just flavoured corn syrups. These contain a high percentage of simple sugars, often cause excessive & undesirable blood sugar fluctuations, and are usually sickly sweet to taste – which can cause feelings of nausea. FiT SupaGOO™ is a new generation gel-type Endurance Booster, which is instead based on a uniquely formulated blend of medium glycaemic index maltodextrins, starches and real fruit extracts. It therefore has a lower percentage of simple sugars, (eg; dextrose), and a higher percentage of glucose polymers, polysaccharides, complex starches & fructose. This ensures controlled energy replenishment, without excessive blood sugar fluctuations.

However, the formulation goes much further than just providing a superior energy base. It also has a number of additional ingredients selected to assist with high altitude energy production, blood circulation, anti-oxidant protection, electrolyte replenishment, improved mental t deliver quite as much energy. It is still way better than nothing, and usually enough for shorter distance events (less than 2 hours duration). The rule is to use whatever you are comfortable with – trying to strike a balance between meeting your energy demands and avoiding overdosing which might result in stomach discomfort or blood sugar fluctuation.


Recommended Use

If using an Energy Drink as well: Because the pre-mixed drink already contains a quantity of carbohydrate powder, the amount of FiT SupaGOO™ taken needs to be adapted accord to the strength of the pre-mixed drink. As a guideline, the overall quantity of carbohydrates should be between 6 & 10% of your water volume and should not exceed 12%. You should also aim for a total carbohydrate intake of around 1 gram per minute (do not exceed 2 grams per minute of CHO - 120g per hour). More than this may cause stomach and /or muscle cramping, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. FiT CarboSupreme™ mixed at full strength (500 ml) already contains approx 8% carbohydrates, and if drunk at the rate of 750ml per hour will deliver approximately 60g of carbohydrate energy in this time.

A good starting point for additional FiT SupaGOO™ supplementation would therefore be 1/2 a sachet every 30 minutes or one sachet every hour, unless extra water is also consumed. Most people find that consuming one sachet just before the “halfway-mark” in a 3 ½ to 4 hour event, and another sachet approximately 1 hour later works particularly well. But once again, every individual is different, so experiment to find the balance which best suits your physiology, exercise intensity, duration etc. Some athletes with more tolerant stomach’s may find that they are able to consume one sachet every 30 minutes even though they are also drinking a full strength energy drink, while those who are more sensitive may need to reduce their intake. Incidentally, stomach tolerance can often be improved with regular use (ie; training).

Post Exercise recovery: The most effective time to replenish depleted energy reserves is immediately after exercising. Energy replenishment is not only faster, but is also primarily stored as glycogen rather than as fat. FiT SupaGOO™ is therefore a very good choice for accelerating recovery. Take one sachet with a glass of water immediately after finishing and a second one approximately 1 hour later.

Products which combine well with FiT SupaGOO™ are FiT DuraTrain™ or FiT MetabElite 40™.

These high quality, protein & carbohydrate containing meal replacements (MRP’s) will enable the body to rebuild energy stores and repair muscle in the shortest possible time.

  • Maltodextrin, starches & real Fruit extract base Controlled energy release reduces tendency to cause excessive blood sugar fluctuation
  • Less than 2.5g Readily absorbable sugars per 41g sachet
  • With Green Tea extract & amino acids Glutamine, Taurine, Arginine, Leucine, Valine & L-Carnitine
  • Nitric Oxide pre-cursors for improved blood circulation during exercise
  • Vitamins, anti-oxidants, and electrolytes
  • Extends endurance and reduces fatigue
  • Helps combat cramping and reduce muscle soreness

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