FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Supreme 1.8 Kg Tub
FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Supreme 1.8 Kg Tub
FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Supreme 1.8 Kg Tub
FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Supreme 1.8 Kg Tub

FiT Sports Supplements Carbo Supreme 1.8 Kg Tub

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The human body only stores enough glycogen (the high intensity energy store) to sustain exercise at over 70% of Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) for about 90 minutes. When this runs out you will “hit the wall” or “bonk”, as your body tries to switch to stored fats for energy. Unfortunately it cannot convert the fats fast enough to provide all the energy you need and you end up walking and feeling terrible.

FiT CarboSupreme™ is an "ALL-IN-ONE" race drink / meal which, if drunk continuously during training or racing at the recommended rate, will continually provide all the water, carbohydrates, minerals (plus other physiological support) you will need for maximum performance and endurance, preventing “bonking” & making any additional supplementation (including normal water and solid carbohydrates) largely unnecessary. FiT CarboSupreme™ is formulated with a unique blend of carbohydrates (including fructose, dextrose and other maltodextrins) designed to give "Sequential Rate Carbohydrate Release" for both instant energy conversion and longer-term sustained energy release. FiT CarboSupreme™ has the added advantage that energy release and blood sugar levels are regulated and maintained for a much longer period. In addition FiT CarboSupreme™ helps to conserve glycogen stores by assisting with the breakdown of fats (normally an inefficient source of energy), so that they are readily available in the bloodstream as FFA's (free fatty acids) and therefore easily accessible for rapid energy conversion.

FiT CarboSupreme™ also contains a full complement of Minerals, Multi Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, Amino Acids and Electrolytes to assist cell hydration, help prevent cramping, accelerate muscle recovery, and continually support and strengthen the immune system. It also contains a small dose of herbal caffeine which helps to metabolize fats, reduce the effects of heat stress and improve mental concentration.

  • FiT CarboSupreme™ is suitable for Oral Hydration and certain Diabetics under exercise induced conditions
  • Helps Prevent Cramping & Spares Glycogen Stores
  • Improves Concentration & Heat Tolerance
  • Low Acidity to Help Combat Lactic Acid
  • Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
  • Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids
  • Helps Metabolize Fats for Energy
  • Anti-Oxidants & Electrolytes


Recommended Use

Serving size: 1½ Scoops (45g)

1½ scoops (1 sachet) per 500ml of water or 2¼ scoops (1½ sachets) per 750ml of water.

  • NO colourants, preservatives or emulsifiers (minimizes allergic reactions e.g. mucus)
  • FiT CarboSupreme™ does not taste like a soft drink due to it being a complex low acidity performance product
  • Half fill container with water before adding powder slowly to improve mixing
  • Keeping cool in insulated hydration pack will minimize flavour change after mixing and improve absorption
  • Consume within 5 hours of preparation & do not prepare the day before consumption

Consume 2 to 3 servings per day for 1 to 2 days before the event.
See also FiT CarboTrain™

Consume ½ to 1 serving approx 10 to 30 minutes before start. Consume 500 to 750ml of “mix” per hour of ride time. Important! Commence drinking within 15 to 20 minutes of starting, even if not thirsty yet!
See also FiT BetaAccelerator Mk2™ Speed & Power Booster

Consume 1 to 2 servings within 1 hour after finish.
See also FiT DuraTrain™ Recovery Accelerator


Strength Guideline:

(Assuming 750ml of “mix” consumed per hour)

  • 1½ sachets (2 scoops) FiT CarboSupreme™ to 750ml water = 8% CHO solution = approx 60g CHO per hour (normal recommendation)
  • 1 sachet (1 ½ scoops) FiT CarboSupreme™ to 750ml water = 6% CHO solution = approx 40g CHO per hour. 1 sachet (1 ½ scoops) FiT CarboSupreme™ to 1000ml water = 4% CHO solution = approx 30g CHO per hour
  • Adding ½ a serving of FiT BetaAccelerator MK2™ (¼ of a sachet / 1 teaspoon) to a 750 ml bottle will increase the total CHO by 6g per hour. NOTE: For endurance events lasting longer than 1 ½ hours - Not more than ¼ sachet (Approx 1 teaspoon) of FiT BetaAccelerator MK2™ should be added to each bottle of FiT CarboSupreme™, regardless of the mix strength of the FiT CarboSupreme™
  • Taking 1 sachet of FiT SupaGOO™ per hour (in addition to a 750 ml bottle of FiT CarboSupreme™) will increase the total CHO by approx 27g per hr. If combined with a normal recommended strength FiT CarboSupreme™ mix (60g / hr) then this will be approaching the absolute maximum of 90g per hour. It is advisable to experiment with different mix strengths and combinations to suit personal requirements

FiT CarboSupreme™
powder will dissolve more easily if the bottle or jug is first half-filled with water, and then the powder added slowly to the water. Stirring while adding the powder will also assist mixing. Dry powder should never be poured into a slightly damp (i.e.; recently rinsed bottle) as a solid lump will form that takes a long time to dissolve fully, even after the water is added.

Additional supplementation with other products may actually SLOW down assimilation of the balanced FiT CarboSupreme™ / water mix, possibly reducing conversion rate / performance and maybe even causing cramping. If you feel you need more energy, it is better to drink more pre-mixed FiT CarboSupreme™ since the optimal water / CHO ratios are then maintained. If you do take a syrup / gel concentrate, select only a professional product such as FiT SupaGOO™ and ensure that the total carbohydrate content of the two mixtures does not exceed 10%-12% of the water volume or 120 grams per hour of exercise time. This generally means using only one FiT SupaGOO™ per 60 to 90 minutes instead of the usual 30 to 45 minutes. Drinking some additional plain water is advised to help assimilate the gel. You should also experiment to establish your personal stomach tolerance to high dosages of carbohydrates as diarrhea can result from overdosing, especially if extreme “carbo loading” was carried out immediately prior to the race.

If you suffer from hunger pangs while on long rides, eat something “natural” like raisins or bananas as these contain fibre and will satisfy overactive digestive “juices” for longer than syrup / gel type products or most energy bars. However it must be noted that they will not supply energy as efficiently as a pre-mixed drink or gel and will also place higher digestive demands on the stomach – not normally a good thing during high intensity exercise.

FiT does not encourage excessive “carbo loading” since the extended endurance is usually insufficient to justify the potentially negative effects (e.g.; disrupted training, upset stomach etc) that can result from carbo-loading. Furthermore, since glycogen storage is essentially limited to around 90 minutes, even a 20% increase is in reality only worth 18 minutes at elite pace (above 70% of MHR)! Use of a proper energy supplement like FiT CarboSupreme™ or FiT SupaGOO™ is therefore still mandatory for any event longer than 90 minutes! It is therefore far better just to rest properly for 48 to 72 hrs and consume the same (relatively high CHO) diet that you normally do during daily training. Because of the reduced training, intake of the same quantity will provide surplus carbohydrate to “load” without actually changing your diet in the last 3 days or so. This ensures full glycogen stores without risking gastro-intestinal stress, and correct use of FiT CarboSupreme™ (or FiT CarboTrain™ or FiT SupaGOO™) from early in the event will easily cope with any additional energy requirements during the event itself.
If you have found that carbo-loading benefits you significantly then we suggest taking 2 to 3 servings per day, (ensure plenty of water) commencing 48hrs before the event. However, FiT CarboTrain™ (a slightly simpler formula) would be preferred for this. FiT DuraTrain™ is recommended for use as a light pre-race “breakfast”.

 FiT DuraTrain™ is a specialized recovery accelerating formula which also contains some protein. If this is unavailable the next best thing is to take 1 serving / sachets of FiT CarboSupreme™ immediately following the event, and another over the next 60 to 90 minutes.


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