FiT Protein X-Act Pure Protein Shakes(85%) Multi-Protein Formula 1.1kg
FiT Protein X-Act Pure Protein Shakes(85%) Multi-Protein Formula 1.1kg
FiT Protein X-Act Pure Protein Shakes(85%) Multi-Protein Formula 1.1kg
FiT Protein X-Act Pure Protein Shakes(85%) Multi-Protein Formula 1.1kg

FiT Protein X-Act Pure Protein Shakes(85%) Multi-Protein Formula 1.1kg

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Protein is required to build and maintain muscle tissue. However, it is fact that the human body cannot store protein and if protein is not immediately available to repair tissue damaged through training the body will “cannibalise” amino acids to repair the damaged muscle from other areas of the body. This will limit the body’s ability to overcompensate (recover fully) and thus improve, meaning that training sessions are less efficient. It is therefore very important, especially if muscle gain is the objective, to ensure that high quality, low fat protein is continuously available.
Ideally this protein should come from a variety of protein sources. If protein intake is lacking in the normal diet, then a protein supplement may be used to correct any imbalances, ensuring that a positive nitrogen balance is maintained, blood sugar stabilised and muscle catabolism avoided. Protein intake guidelines for endurance athletes are approximately 1.5g per kg Body Mass per day & approximately 2g per kg Body Mass per day for muscle development athletes. Ideally this should also come from a variety of protein sources.
FiT ProteinX-Act™ is a unique, balanced multi-protein formula. Designed in keeping with these findings, FiT ProteinX-Act™ delivers maximum absorption, muscle growth, nitrogen retention and immune system boosting from a selection of four different protein types, including Whey Protein, Egg Albumen, Calcium Caseinate and Soy Isolate. All four of these proteins achieve the very highest scores (each a perfect 1) on the PDCAAS scale, but have different digestive rates, amino profiles and fat contents. No milk powder is used in FiT ProteinX-Act™, thus maximizing high quality protein content (actual usable protein availability is in excess of 85%, compared to approximately 20%-25% for high protein foods such as fish, chicken, eggs and lean red meat!) while reducing fat, lactose and carbohydrates.
FiT ProteinX-Act™ is therefore a highly efficient, cost-effective, delicious tasting, convenient and accurate way to make up any shortfalls in high quality dietary protein, WITHOUT significantly increasing total Calorie intake or ingesting excess fats and cholesterol.

Added Calcium, Magnesium & Multi-Vitamin Package
Sequential Enzymes & Inulin Enhanced Digestion
Glutamine, Taurine & Anti-Oxidant Enriched
Highest PDCAAS Protein Quality Score
Optimised Amino Acid Profile
Recommended Use
Endurance Athletes
Total protein intake should be approx 1.5g per kg body mass per day. Consume 1 serving in 100ml water or low-fat milk after training. Depending on protein content of normal diet a second serving may be taken between other meals.
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Body Building
Total protein intake should be between 2g and 2.5g per kg body mass per day. Mix 1 serving with 100ml low-fat milk to taste, 2 to 4 times daily between normal meals. One of these servings should be taken immediately after training.
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Reduce total calorie intake especially fats, sugars & alcohol. Divide normal food intake into 6 small meals per day. Substitute 1 serving FiT ProteinX-Act™ in 150ml skim milk for 2 to 3 of these meals. Remaining normal meals should contain plenty of fibre e.g.; vegetables, fruit etc. An appropriate exercise program will improve results.
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FiT Note
Should not be used as a total replacement for a normal whole food diet. Most effective when used as part of an energy-controlled, balanced diet.

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