FiT Mind Assist Exercise Motivator & Concentration Improver (60 caps)

FiT Mind Assist Exercise Motivator & Concentration Improver (60 caps)

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FiT MindAssist™ is formulated to improve mental health, improves motivation and concentration for sport and exercise workouts. St john's Wort has been used as a herbal remedy for mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders for many years. It stimulates neurotransmitters, which help boost mental morale and mood. It also appears to increase sleep activity by acting as a mild sedative, and may reduce chronic tension headaches. It may also help maintain fully effective immune responses under stress.

Improves brain blood circulation
Assists training motivation
Improves Mental Focus and Memory
Recommended Use
Take 3 capsules on the day prior to the event. Take 3 capsules about 30 minutes before the event commences. You should find that you feel exceptionally , and will have better concentration towards the end of the ride. You can use the last 3 capsules after the race to help celebrate your great performance! Do not take Mind Assist just before going to bed!

Contains Tyrosine, which could aggravate migraine headaches in certain susceptible persons

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