FiT Big Five Combo Booster Packs

FiT Big Five Combo Booster Packs

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Box Contents:
4 x 45g Sachets CarboSupreme™
1 x Sachet BetaAccelerator Mk2™
1 x 41g Sachet SupaGoo™
10 x capsules AntiLac MSM™
10 x capsules MindAssist™
10 x capsules GlutaGrow™

This dynamic and unique pack is the only one to address the needs of the COMPLETE body – starting with (always underestimated) mental attitude & concentration (FiT MindAssist™), through to muscle preparation & energy release (FiT GlutaGrow™), anti- cramping, lactate buffering & anti-oxidant protection (FiT AntiLac MSM™), anti-catabolic and short duration energy boosting (FiT BetaAccelerator Mk2™) and finally, extended energy replenishment (FiT CarboSupreme™ & FiT SupaGOO™). These five popular FiT products all have a rapid, synergistic booster effect on athletic performance. Some are intended for use over the 36 hr period preceding an important event, and others for the event itself.

The improved performance is guaranteed to enhance your enjoyment of your sport in a most cost-effective manner, since it revolves around optimizing the performance of the human body (the most important component) rather than adding on an expensive piece of equipment (the least important component!).

The Big Five Combo™ is suitable for all sports, including, cycling, running, triathlons, swimming, rugby, football, tennis, golf, motocross / enduro riding etc. Its affordability means that it can also be used as a “test kit” allowing first-time users to try a selection of FiT high performance, nutritional supplements at nominal cost. All of the products in the pack may be purchased separately in larger packs. For more detailed descriptions and recommended use see below.

Recommended Use
The following recommendations work well for the majority of athletes. However, everybody is different and you should always experiment to find out exactly what suits you best. DO NOT OVERDOSE ON THE MORNING OF A BIG RACE!

FiT AntiLac MSM™ (pre-event) 10 Green capsules = 4 servings
Start 24 to 36hrs prior to event. Take 2 capsules in the morning, 2 at midday and three at night (7 total). Take the last 3 capsules on the morning of the event when you get up. Persons suffering from severe muscle cramps and contemplating an extreme event should start about 5 to 7 days (6 caps / day) before. Additional capsules will be required. Best results (especially VO2 max improvement) obtained with longer usage.

FiT GlutaGrow™ (pre-event) 10 Brown / White capsules = 5 servings
Take 2 capsules three times per day during your "carbo-loading" period. Don't take last thing at night (boosts t overdo things!) in the early stages of events longer than 2 hrs, until you have established the ideal dosage regimen which suits you. It is also important to drink at least 750ml of fluid per hour - do not dehydrate! If unsure, it will be safer to take FiT BetaAccelerator Mk2™ after completion of the event or at night. Major anti-catabolic benefits will still be obtained.
Mild stomach discomfort may sometimes be experienced on higher doses. This can usually be prevented by taking BA with a snack or meal, or by breaking up your dosage into smaller portions. Again the rule is to experiment first!

FiT MindAssist™ (pre-event) 10 Blue / White capsules = 3 servings
Take 3 capsules on the day prior to the event. Take 3 capsules about 30 minutes before the event commences. You should find that you feel exceptionally with other energy boosters. Doing so may cause CHO / fluid imbalances which could cause a performance drop and / or cramping. FiT SupaGOO™ is the only gel which can be used in conjunction with FiT CarboSupreme™, but care must still be taken not to exceed the recommended 10 or 12% maximum carbohydrate quantity in relation to water volume. Taking one FiT SupaGOO™ every 90 minutes seems to work well in combination with FiT CarboSupreme™.

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