E-13 Base Flat Pedal
E-13 Base Flat Pedal

E-13 Base Flat Pedal

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Base Pedals deliver biting traction, and at price point that doesn’t hurt.

Drawing from the pin layout on our first LG1 Plus and LG1 Race pedals, our newest Base composite pedals use the exact same 22-pin pattern in order to achieve the same biting traction our first pedals were so well known for.

The 100 x 110mm composite platform houses the 22 pins (11 per side), an inboard bushing + outboard bearing, and steel axle. This combination spins smooth, and will last for years to come.

Axle: Steel Axle
Features: 22-pin design, thin pedal platform, with bearing+bushing axle system.
Material: Composite
Pins: 6mm tall, w/22 replacement 4mm tall pins
Size: 100 x 110mm platform
Spindle: Heat-treated Steel
Weight: 388g

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