CAMPAGNOLO Super Record 12-Speed Groupset

CAMPAGNOLO Super Record 12-Speed Groupset

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Campagnolo Super Record 12-Speed Groupset
Super Record is a term that builds on the vision of Campagnolo Groupset elegance, beauty and exceptional performance and is a trademark of Italian quality. The new Super Record 12-Speed pushes the limits of drivetrain performance for road bike transmission, setting new limits for what rider’s demand in this modern age of road racing.

Most Advanced, Highest Performing Groupset
The Super Record 12-Speed Groupset carries on the tradition of exceptional quality, sophisticated performance enhancing technologies and pushes it to the next level. For a long time, Super Record has been widely regarded as one of the most advanced, highest performing and most efficient groupset’s of all time, and the newest rendition of this design increases performance further; it provides smoother shifting, more direct power transfer and Tour level comfort.

Super Record 12-Speed ErgoPower Controls

Improved Ergonomics (customisable)

New Hood Design, featuring Vari Cushion Technology

Upgraded, Double Curve Lever Design

Larger Thumb Shifting Lever and Upshift Lever

Additional Upshift Lever Incorporated into Lever

More Efficient, Ergonomic Brake Power Transfer

The Ultra-Shift mechanism remains, shift 5-sprockets down and 3-sprockets up

Upgraded Internals

Weight: 339g

Super Record 12-Speed Front Derailleur

New Design builds upon Rev11+ mechanical success

Eliminated free-stroke

Faster, immediate shifting

Dual Position Cable Grip, compliant with larger tyre sizes

Thin Cage, reduces weight without sacrificing strength, more clearance

Increased chain engagement

Dedicated positions based on chainring size and positioning

Weight: 79g

Super Record 12-Speed Rear Derailleur

ULTRA-LIGHT main derailleur body

Stiffer, less weight

Optimised trajectory curve, improved shifting

Close contact with each sprocket

3D-Embrace Technology

Inner mechanism embraces more teeth per sprocket

Greater shifting retention and efficiency

Unique 72.5mm Cage, One Size Fits All

Larger 12-Tooth pulley design, greater contact and cassette versatility

Increased adjustability, durability and rider safety

Massive performance increase and just 3grams difference, compared to the previous model

Weight: 181g

Super Record 12-Speed Cassette

Streamlined, Single tooth-count increments from the 1st to the 7th sprocket

Super-smooth shifting performance

Only necessary cassette sizes needed for this drivetrain

11-29T and 11-32T 12-Speed options

Fully compatible with current Campagnolo freehub bodies

Standard Chainstay Width Compatible

Extra sprocket without increasing cassette width, smaller space between cogs, smoother shifting

Technical Sprocket Treatment, increases service-life

Weight: 266g

Super Record 12-Speed Crankset

Super-smooth, aerodynamic design

New, advanced hollow carbon construction

Lower weight without reducing strength, stiffness or durability

Ultra-Torque Titanium axle

Cult Ceramic Bearings

Optimised 4-arm spider for increased stiffness, rigidity and response

Reinforced Brace on larger chainrings, no sacrifice to weight

Hard-anodised chainrings for increased integrity and longevity

Lower friction

Symmetrical inner chainring tooth profiling

Weight: 618g

Super Record 12-Speed Chain

Thinner, lighter, engages faster

High durability and reliability

Greater shifting efficiency

Weight: 220g

Super Record 12-Speed Brakes

Exceptionally powerful brakes for any frame

New aerodynamic design

Pairs excellent with normal and aero frames

Up to 28mm tyre compatible

Perfect for both 17c and 19c rims

Increased modulation and smoothness

Advanced brake shoe design, modular pads

Caliper Brakes Weight: 298g

Direct Mount Brakes Weight: 160g
Complete Groupset Weight



Super Record 12-Speed Drivetrain

Significantly Improved Ergonomics

Superb, Efficient, Ergonomic Brake Power Transfer

Ultra-Shift mechanism, 5-sprockets down and 3-sprockets up

Increased chain engagement and precision

Stiffer, stronger and lighter

Super-smooth shifting performance

Exceptional brake power and modulation

Optimised for both 17c and 19c rims

Complete Groupset Weight: 2.04kg

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