CAMPAGNOLO Super Record 12-Speed Front Derailleur

CAMPAGNOLO Super Record 12-Speed Front Derailleur

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Campagnolo Super Record Front Derailleur 2x12-speed
The Super Record 2x12-speed groupset is the highest expression of the prestigious Italian brand's technology and evolution. It is meant for those who want to fit their bicycle with the best Campagnolo has to offer in terms of performance and distinction. The drive to improve what is already considered a reference point results in every single detail being tended to, including the most minute.

The Super Record components are both extremely lightweight and very sturdy. This groupset is the crowned jewel of Campagnolo's innovation and the technologies, the materials and the expertise that the groupset is made with place it in a category apart.

In order to make optimum use of the 24 gears' full potential and to always find the ideal transmission ratio for every gradient, the drive components - above all the 12-speed cassette, which has one additional sprocket at unchanged space requirements - have been perfectly matched to one another. For excellent braking performance and control the rider can choose between Dual pivot and direct mount rim brakes as well as Campagnolo's own disc brake technology.

Campagnolo Super Record front derailleur
Lightness, design, fluidity and effectiveness.

The Campagnolo Super Record 2x12-speed front derailleur introduces many new technologies, starting with the leverage systems designed to speed up derailing. Less effort is needed to shift owing to the split front connecting rod, which prevents contact with the travel limit screw. Whilst the shape of the inner cage plate is engineered to guarantee maximum readiness for upshifting, the external monolith carbon fibre body has been shaped to enhance the efficiency of the chain movement when going uphill and the readiness and fluidity in descent.

The aesthetic impact of the component is consistent with the rest of the Super Record groupset due to the use of unidirectional carbon fibre and titanium stop screws. Micro-adjustments to the front derailleur position, which can be activated by the Ergopower controls, help to prevent any contact with the chain, even in the case of maximum crossover. Regarding compatibility the Super Record front derailleur allows the use of tires measuring up to 32 mm thanks to the upper connector rod and the double fixing position of the control cable.

Features and benefits of the Super Record Front Derailleur
Forged aluminium construction and UD carbon fibre with titanium stop screws.
Designed for utmost efficiency in shifting and to match the aesthetics of the rest of the group.
The upper connector rod is not connected to the external one.
More effective, precise movement without contacting the limit stop.
Cage plate designed to improve occurrences of maximal chain crossing.
The derailleur avoids contact and friction with the transmission.
Ideal for wider tires.
Tires of up to a 32 mm cross-section can be fitted without risking contact with the front derailleur.
Optimized inner cage plate design
Accurately accompanies the chain on the largest chainring.
Two fixing points for the cable.
Maximum frame compatibility.
Optimized position for all chainrings.
No risk of contact with the chain.

Material: construction: aluminium (forged)
plates: UD carbon
screws: titanium
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs

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