32Gi Recover Drink 900g Tub
32Gi Recover Drink 900g Tub
32Gi Recover Drink 900g Tub

32Gi Recover Drink 900g Tub

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When it comes to endurance sports, replenishing glycogen and repairing muscle is foundational for effective post-exercise recovery. 32Gi® Recover uses a carefully selected soluble, smooth, and intermediate fast digesting non GMO pea protein isolate.

It mixes beautifully every time and does not leave an unwelcome pea flavour. It works quickly and within a few sessions you should notice a difference to your recovery, and levels of fatigue. It also makes for an awesome pre-race and race drink, if you battle to carry food early on.

POWERFUL 3:1 RECOVERY FORMULA - A science-based formula that will speed up your recovery time. Great for all athletes who have pushed a hard or long session - cycling, running, all endurance sports – as well as many more disciplines.
CLEAN HIGH-QUALITY PLANT PROTEIN - Formulated with Pea Protein isolate to deliver a fast-digesting experience of protein.
NATURALLY HIGH IN BCCAs - And Glutamine to help with muscles protein synthesis, and overall recovery.
TUMMY FRIENDLY - You can safely use 32Gi® Recover without worrying of bloating up or getting nausea.
ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES - We are fully compliant with WADA standards.
NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES PROMISE - Rest easy knowing that 32Gi® Recover has no artificial sweeteners or colours, nature identical flavours.

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