The subject of bike tubes can be a little mystifying, even for experienced cyclists. Twisting bands of black rubber requiring tedious installation and constantly needing to be reinflated whilst remaining ultra-vulnerable to the tiniest thorn. Luckily, if you’re in the market to purchasing new cycling tubes and are at a loss as to what to select, Bike Addict are here to help.

      Tubes are possibly one of the most underrated bicycle components. They are also one of the most cost-effective ways you can improve the quality of your ride and even shave a few seconds off your bike split at the same time.

      There are two dimensions you need to know before you start shopping for new tubes: your bicycle wheel diameter and your tyre’s width. Multiply the two numbers together and you’ve got the bike tube size you need.

      Then you will have to select the correct valve stem type. This is the metal part of your wheel that you can see extending out of its. It’s what allows air to enter into, and remain inside, your tyre. The two most common types are Presta and Schrader, and both are available at Bike Addict.

      And then you need to think about what kind of durability you want. There’s no reason for you to suffer through flats. Bike Addict stocks heavy-duty self-sealing bike tubes that can protect your tyres for as long as two years. Alternatively, if you’ve already got empty tubes but are looking for the protection self-sealing ones provide, you can insert sealant yourself.

      Bike Addict stocks a range of tubes and related products by some of the biggest brands in the cycling industry and we are always happy to help, so feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. Browse items from world-famous companies like Kenda, Ryder, Continental and Tubolito, and check out the range of goods as well.

      18 products

      18 products