Titan 29er Dual Suspension


      Very few things beat the thrill of exploring a new hill trail on a quality bike and the Titan 29er Dual Suspension is as good on the beaten path as it is off it. Thanks to not being grounded in any specific type of racing, it’s a bicycle that can fit your mood and fall in with whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like doing it.

      You can meet up with friends at a trailhead and ride terrain comfortably whether you’re climbing or descending. The Titan 29er Dual Suspension puts as much emphasis on fun as it does on efficiency and realistic overall weight. 

      In the past, mountain bikes had very rigid frames and forks, but this is becoming a distant memory. Newer designs integrate full suspension, known as Dual Suspension, which means that both the front and the rear wheel are fitted with shock absorbers. This greatly reduces the effects of bumps on you and makes for a much more enjoyable riding experience.

      The Titan 29-er Dual Suspension bike is an excellent choice if you’re spending a lot of time in the saddle, too. Because your body won’t need to absorb all the impact it usually would, you’ll find that you don’t tire as quickly on this bike. The rear shock takes most of the impact and you can stay seated for longer, saving you a lot of precious energy to help you through those last few kilometres.

      Bike Addict has an excellent range of Titan 29er bicycles available and we’re happy to talk you through your choice if you’re interested in purchasing one. What’s more, we offer free delivery if you spend more than R1 000*, so you’ll be able to take advantage of super savings when it comes to getting into your new saddle.

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